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To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customer and clients.


To be a leader in the catering and cafeteria services by providing enchanted services, customer relationship and profitability.


To build long term relationship with our customers and client and provide exceptional customer services by providing them with nutritious and quality meals that will aid in their development.

Core Values

  • We believe in treating our customer with respect and faith
  • We grow through creativity, inventions and innovation which keep us up to date with industry trend.

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  • Experienced, highly qualified chefs
  • Nutritious and varied menus
  • Safe food processing standards
  • High Quality products & guaranteed supply chain
  • Pack Lunch for Day and Night Crews
  • National and Western Menus
  • Theme Nights
  • BBQ Night a part of weekly services
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Scope of Works

THE GATE offers catering services by providing nutritious and healthy meals to our customers. This service is based on agreed terms of contract us and clients. The GATE catering makes sure our part of the contract is well executed by placing high premium service to our customers.
Our food production activities are performed to the highest international hygiene standards. Food Safety is our number one priority and our food production and storage facilities are managed to maintain a 100% safe end product for our clients. We understand that each meal served is critical to your workforce to help enhance your employees’ productivity and improve motivation and retention. Full Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Service

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GATE catering - Green catering

From composting to sourcing sustainable food to reducing hunger, the GATE catering sets the green standard for Ulaanbaatar caterers. We embrace our environmental responsibility and commitment to our local community, as well as that of the planet we all share. In addition to offering seasonal, sustainably farmed organic cuisine sourced primarily from the local area, we are committed to incorporating environmentally friendly practices in our event production as well as our company's day-to-day operations.

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Procurement and Stock

Supply Chain Integrity is often the hardest aspect to the procurement process. The GATE catering meets, greets, and inspects local suppliers to ensure Western Standards are met and maintained. The GATE catering provides our own supply line.
Ordering Process Weekly Orders or Day to Day Orders for food stock Fruits and vegetables orders, time sensitive items.

  • Product Shipment, Ensuring proper handling procedures , Loading process control, Documents’ verification
  • Product Receiving Process Quality Control Expiration Date Control
  • Purchasing Process Market Analysis and Quality Control
  • Product Storage Warehouse’s space zonation Temperature control for different types of products Space cleaning



GATE catering has provided school meals for International School of Ulaanbaatar and boasts a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of catering for school pupils from primary to secondary students.



Currently Gate catering is serving over 950 employees of Khan Bank. We provide with 4 different main entrees with different variety of soups and salad. Gate catering has had the pleasure of working with the leading domestic bank. We take pride in knowing that our clients trust and leave the details to us.



We provided local and international food to Golomt bank, each meal we are preparing will deliver a dose of energy, confidence, conviviality and recreation. We make sure that our customers have the highest quality of life in their on-site day-to-day life.